On the instructions of the Minister of Finance, Chair of the EITI Committee, The Directorate General of Taxation organised a workshop for Committee and Technical Secretariat members on June 1st 2017 with as theme "The 2017 Finance Law, taxation of the extractive sector (oil, gas and solid mines)."

Participants equally came from parliament, development partners and civil society organisations that are not members of the governing structures of the Initiative. The aim of the workshop was to boost the capacity of the participants in the analysis and understanding of the 2017 finance law from the extractive sector perspective. Three presentations were made in this light.

The first exposé was on « Fiscal measures of the 2017 Finance Law », with particular emphasis on:

1.the broadening of the tax base and revenue enhancement,

 2.improvement of the business climate and socio-economic promotion,

 3.mining taxation.

The second presentation was on: « The Contribution of CAPAM in the collection of artisanal mining taxes ». Participants acquired knowledge on:

    1.the regulatory framework of the Artisan Mining Support and Promotion Framework (CAPAM),

2.the collection and handing over process of gold,

3.the distribution of the State's share,

4.prospects offered by the new 2016 Mining Code with the creation of a public structure to oversee the follow-up and control of production, sales and promotion of substances derived from artisanal and semi mechanised activities.

The third exposé covered  « The evolution in mining taxation over the past three years ». Participants were given insights on the changes that have taken place in the domain since 2014 with particular emphasis on the innovations contained in the 2017 Finance Law especially :

    1.the setting up of a separate tax regime for traditional artisanal mining and for semi-mechanised artisanal mining global levy of 25%,

2.a reduction in some fixed fees, annual surface royalty for solid mining production permits and the ad valorem tax.

The workshop ended with a call for the exercise to be repeated with each new finance law.

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